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Funded Counselling

Funded Counselling

Funded Counselling – Funded Counselling is available in the UK. Drug and Alcohol Counselling is available without charge in the UK. It is just like everything else though, you need to know the step to take to get it. That is where we can help. We will show you the steps you need to take to get counselling, rehab and even a tailored medical detox for a drug or alcohol addiction. We never charge you a penny for our help and advice. We help hundreds of people every year who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, and we also talk and advice hundreds of people every year who need help with a family member or a loved one who is also struggling from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Funded Counselling – So what happens with counselling

Funded Counselling – Everyone seems to think you go and see a counsellor, and they will give you all the answers to your problems. Well that I am afraid to say is not true. What a counsellor does is listen. They will then reflect etc to help you find the answers you are looking for within. You will get the answers but you will have to find them. Don’t think “that’s no good then”,  as it really does work. You will be amazed to see how deep and far you are able to go to find what has been troubling you for years. That’s how it works, and it does work really well. It is nothing to be frightened about. No one has ever died seeing a counsellor, and their help is really good, and it really does work. After all, they spend years training and studying to become a qualified counsellor and they do know their stuff. Try it. You have nothing to lose. Call our team now on 0845 3881 543 for free help and advice on how to see a counsellor for free.

Funded Counselling -Private counselling

Funded Counselling – This part is NOT funded by at a Greatly Reduced Cost.  We offer telephone counselling through our own counsellors. This is proving very popular for a vast number of people due to the fact they may need to be at home because of commitments such as children to look after, or home run business’s to keep an eye on. Also you wont have the drive to and from the counsellors offices which will in turn save you time.

So how does it work. Our counsellors will call you for a chat to make sure you are happy to work with them, and they are happy to work with you. Then you will both decide on how many sessions you would like to start with and when you would like them to start. Each session, as with all counselling sessions, lasts for 50 minutes. During this stage you will need to be totally committed to the session in hand, and not your children or business, or this will or work for you.

If you are interested in home telephone counselling or leaning what else we have to offer, why not call our team now. We are open 24 hours a day and all your calls are treated in the strictest of confidence. So call our team now on Tel; 0845 3881 543. It may just be the most important call you make.

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