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Prices – Private Rehab Centres

Costs of Private Rehab – The funding route to a Drug or Alcohol Detox or Residential Rehab is well know to take a little while to happen and it is not always guaranteed. Some people prefer not to wait and go straight into private care. Some people pay with their hard earned cash while others use medical insurance etc. So on the strength of that we also offer some of the most affordable private drug and alcohol rehabilitation in the UK. All the drug and alcohol rehab centres we use throughout the UK are CQC registered and have a very high long term success rate of abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Here are a few prices to give you an idea. We have many more programs available. Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

Fully Residential Rehab and Detox  –  From £1,900

Alcohol Home Detox – £1,295 

Home Detox

Costs of Private Rehab – A home drug or alcohol detox, followed by telephone rehabilitation is now proving more and more popular, as many of us in today’s busy lives just don’t have the time to spare for weeks of residential rehabilitation. We may have families to look after or business’s to keep running etc.

Costs of Private Rehab – So how does it work? The process is the mainly the same as going to a centre, but all done at home. You will be assessed by one of our doctors at your home or a hospital to establish what, and how much medication you will need, and how much it will be reduced by etc. We find this works better if a family member or friend administered the medication as and when it is needed. After your detox is completed, and part way through you detox, the rehabilitation will start. This is done by daily phone calls from one of our trained counsellors followed by weekly visits to see how you are progressing until your rehabilitation finishes. This can be anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks.

Costs of Private Rehab -What we also offer

  • ALL our aftercare is FOC
  • ALL our intervention work with clients and families is also FOC
  • ALL our assessments done here at ADUS Healthcare are also FOC
  • We can collect you from anywhere in the UK.

Costs of Private Rehab – We have help and advice on everything to do with getting you funding for a drug and alcohol detox and residential rehabilitation. We also have the most affordable drug and alcohol rehab centres available in the UK. Our lines are always open, and you can call any time day or night. Our number is 07811 606 606 and you will always be put straight through to a trained member of staff who will be able to help you with everything you need to know about drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We look forward to your call and all your calls are important to us. The Costs of Private Rehab in the UK has never been so affordable.

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