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About us

About us

 ADUS healthcare are market leaders in cost effective drug and alcohol rehab and detox treatment throughout the UK. We are proud to offer the most affordable drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation programmes available. We can also help clients who are suffering domestic abuse while they are in rehab.

About us – Addiction is a disease

About us – We believe addiction is a disease. So our job is to detox the client and find the underlying issue which are causing this disease. Once we have found the psychological aspects of addiction we can then start to move forward. This theory is adopted by all of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres we work with because it works. We also believe this is, without a shadow of doubt, the best way to help clients break free from their addiction and be clean from substance abuse forever.

About us

About us, ADUS Healthcare is a none-profit making company. All our help and advice is 100% free. We even subsidise your phone calls. So if you call us off peak on 0845 3881 543 your call to us will only cost you 1p per minute. You are even welcome to text us on 07811 606 606 and ask for a “Call back” and we will ring you back free of charge. Our aim is to help you get your life back on track, and that is exactly what we can do, but only if you contact us.

About us, ADUS Healthcare was set up in 2009 as an aid to help people with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It soon expanded to helping people of all ages with all addictions. These range from sexual to gambling – gaming to porn addictions. We have even help clients addicted to things such as Beecham’s Powders, calling premium phone lines etc. Here are other ADUS Healthcare forms of help:

ADDICTION HELPLINE – This was set up to help anyone with any addiction. This is a very popular helpline and as with ALL ADUS Healthcare’s help, it is open 24 hours a day.

ADDICTION FORUM – This forum was set up for anyone to ask questions about addiction. We have 100’s of members who will be happy to answer any questions you may want to ask. You can log in, in total confidence, and you details will not be used by us or anyone else. Everyone is welcome to join this forum  including families, friends as well as people who are suffering from an addiction to drink or drugs.

REHAB DIRECTORY – Here you will find all the rehab centres in the UK. So if you are looking for centres near you, or anywhere in the UK, why not have a look.

About us, ADUS Healthcare 0845 3881 543

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Our staff are qualified in:

Qualifications as follows

  • ABC level 2 in Counselling Skills
  • Counselling skills and personal development
  • Using Counselling skills
  • Introduction to Counselling skills theories
  • Diversity and ethics in the use of Counselling skills
  • Drug Trends Training
  • Cocaine and Alcohol Training
  • Alcohol Awareness Training
  • Drug Awareness Training
  • General first aid / British Red Cross
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